Price list

For nextbike Germany

This price list is valid for the use of rental bikes offered by nextbike GmbH. This includes the usage of all nextbike brands within Germany (excluding MVG-Rad Munich and Usedom-Rad). For nextbike in countries other than Germany and/or partner systems, the terms and conditions of the applicable partners apply.


  1. There is no registration fee for the creation of a nextbike customer account via smartphone app, online, rental terminal, using the BikeComputer or in person directly at a cooperation partner’s location. For registrations done via telephone, nextbike will charge a registration fee of 3 €.
  2. Upon registration, a credit balance of 1 € is to be charged to activate the payment method chosen by the customer (credit card or bank account). This credit balance may be applied to rentals in all tariff levels and does not
  3. In Bonn an annual basic charge of 3€ applies which will be charged when renting the first bike.
  4. Basic rate: 1 € for 30 minutes and 9 € for 24 hours (Deezer nextbike Berlin: 1€ for 30 minutes, 1,50 € for additional 30 minutes; 15€ for 24h; Bonn: 1 € for 30 minutes and 8 € for 24 hours, Lahr: 1,50 € for 30 minutes and 16 € for 24 hours; VRNnextbike: 1 € for 15 minutes, 12 € for 24 hours, billing in 15-minutes-intervall; Nibelungen-Bike Braunschweig: 1 € for 15 minutes, 15 € for 24 hours (standard bikes), 2,50 € for 15 minutes, 25 € for 24 hours (ebikes & cargobikes) billing in 15-minutes-intervall)
  5. Annual rate: 48 € annually (sz-bike: 36 € annually; Deezer nextbike Berlin: 50 €; VRNnextbike: 60 € for one year - only usable in the city/transport district where purchased), the first 30 minutes of every rental are free of The tariff is valid for only one bike. The minimum contractual period is 12 months. The tariff will be prolonged automatically if not canceled 4 weeks before expiration by app or via Email ( or mail (nextbike GmbH, Erich-Zeigner-Allee 69-73, 04229 Leipzig).
  6. Monthly rate: 10 € monthly - available and valid in all German cities but Berlin, Bremen and Usedom. The first 30 minutes of every rental are free of charge. The tariff only applies to the first bike in case several bikes are rented at the same time. The minimum contractual period is one month. The tariff will be prolonged automatically if not canceled 2 weeks before expiration by app or via Email  ( or mail (nextbike GmbH, Erich-Zeigner-Allee 69-73, 04229 Leipzig).
  7. Deezer nextbike Berlin additional tariff options: Daily pass 3€for 24h, Weekly pass 15€ for 7 days. In both tariffs the first 30 minutes of every rental are free of charge, 1€ every additional 30 minutes, max 12€ per day per rental. The tariffs are valid for only one bike and don’t renew.
  8. KVB-Rad Cologne: E-Bikes will be charged 3€ for 30 minutes and 19€ for 24 hours per rental.
  9. RVK e-Bike: 2€ each 30 minutes, maximum 18€ / 24h. Monthly rate: 15€/month, the first 30 minutes per rental are included. Night rate: 3€, valid for all rentals between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. of the following day.
  10. Nibelungen-Bike Braunschweig: normal bike: 1€/15min, max. 15€/24h; e-bike/cargobike: 2,50€/15min, max. 25€/24h.
  11. Frelo Freiburg: In the basic rate the rental costs 1€ / 30min and maximum 12 € / 24h. The following additional rates are offered:
    11 a. 3-Day-Tariff: 3 € for 3 days, the first 30min per rental are included, after that the basic rate will be charged.
    11 b. Monthly rate: 6 € for 31 days, the first 30min per rental are included, after that you will be charged in the basic rate.
    11 c. Annual rate: 24 € for 356 days, the first 30min per rental are included, after that the basic rate will be charged.
  12. Flexible return:
    12 a: Only for Deezer nextbike Berlin: For flexible return within the S-Bahn circle a service fee of 0,50 € will be charged per bike and rental.
    12 b. Only for nextbike Leipzig, Düsseldorf and Hannover: For the flexible return within the pink zone a service fee of 1 € will apply. The return is free of charge for returns to an official nextbike stations and “LVB-Mobilitätsstationen” (also within the pink zone) as well as for flexible returns within the blue zone.

Discounted Rates in Germany

  1. Special conditions apply in many cities as a result of local cooperative Further information regarding these special conditions can be found online. The applicable discounts reduce rental rates for the selected tariffs.
  2. All special conditions apply, as a rule, to one bike only in case more than one bike is rented simultaneously.

Additional Fees

  1. A service fee of 1.89 € will be added to the final cost for return-debit transactions.
  2. In some cities it is possible to reserve a bike beforehand. A deposit applies which will expire if the bike is rented within the maximum reservation period.
    • In Norderstedt the reservation deposit for cargobikes and e-cargobikes is 2€ for 30 minutes reservation period.
    • For KVV.nextbike the reservation deposit is 2€ for 60 minutes reservation period.
    • For wupsiRad Leverkusen the reservation deposit is 0,50€ for 30 minutes reservation period.
    • For Sprottenflotte Kiel the reservation deposit is 5€ for 15 minutes reservation period.

Service Fees

  1. A fee of 20 € will be applied should the bike not be returned to an official station. The right to charge a higher fee in individual cases in which the actual
    expense incurred is higher than this amount remains. Return locations may be found online or via the app. If the bike is returned outside of the flex zone, nextbike will charge 20 € plus 2 € for each km the bike is remote from the flex zone.
  2. Should the bike be returned incorrectly or not be locked correctly, a service fee of 20 € shall be applied.
  3. A fee of 40 € per lock shall be charged should the lock not be present upon return.
  4. In individual cases, nextbike GmbH reserves the right to charge service fees in accordance with actual expenses incurred.


Service Hotline: +49 (0) 30 / 69 20 50 46 (German landline)



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Price List | valid as of: March 2019