nextbike has successfully entered the stock market


nextbike, one of the world’s most extensive bike share providers, successfully entered the stock market on the back of an announcement to introduce a further 200,000 bicycles across its territories.

The company, founded in Leipzig in 2004 and with more than 120 projects around the globe, was unveiled on the Warsaw Stock Exchange through its subsidiary nextbike Poland.

nextbike Poland is the largest company in the New Connect stock exchange segment and has invested shares in the nominal value of 6,000,000 PLN. Shares increased 13% after the first listing.

nextbike Founder and Managing Director Ralf Kalupner said the IPO was “another major step in our European expansion strategy”.

He continued: “We want to mobilise our home market with more than 200,000 new rental bicycles and have carried out the stock exchange as a direct route to the capital market to meet the great growth potential.”

The landmark announcement heralds a wave of activity across Europe and beyond in which nextbike expands its offering.
nextbike has:

  • initiated in collaboration with the European Cyclists Foundation (ECF) the Platform for European Bicycle Sharing & Systems (PEBSS)- a new accreditation scheme to establish best practice in Public Bike Sharing;
  • rolled out a strategic partnership with Arriva in Holland and Slovakia;
  • launched the biggest bike share scheme of its kind in Berlin;
  • expanded its operation in Warsaw to include children’s bikes, tandems and e-bikes;
  • launched its first schemes in India, in Bhopal and Hydarabad and got the license to provide a bike sharing scheme in New Delhi.

Mr Kalupner said the company would continue to work hand-in-hand with councils and stakeholders to develop cleaner transport infrastructure. “We are in a golden age of transport and it’s great to see bike share at the top of the agenda. We are committed to delivering high quality bike share schemes across the globe that are sustainable in every way. I truly believe this will lead to improved schemes, streamlining of the procurement process and further development of the sector’s safety and business standards.”

nextbike Poland started in 2008 in Wroclaw, with the company now boasting 80% market share. Across the country, 1.3 million customers currently use nextbike rental bicycles in 26 Polish cities and municipalities.

Globally, no other public bike sharing system can provide a larger international network of rental bikes which gives users access to every single scheme. Once signed up, users can rent a nextbike regardless of whether they’re in Glasgow one week and Dubai the next.