New scheme in Leipzig

We start a pilot stage of a new scheme type. Here you get to know whats new and how to rent the new bikes.

You want to give feedback? Please send it to with the subject "ECObike".


NEW Bikes

With our new bikes the rental and return is much easier and faster than before. The integrated lock opens automatically via app. When you close the lock, the rentel will stop automatically. If you just want to make a short stop, you don't need to return the bike - you can park it via app. For that, you just click the parking button at the app and close the lock afterwards. Please don't rent the bike from afar, because the lock will open immeditey.  


From now on, you can return the bike everywhere on the highlighted public spaces you can see on the map. You can easily check it at the nextbike app: at the blue highlighted streets, at official nextbike stations and at LVB-mobility stations you can return the bike for free

If you return the bike inside the pink zone you need to pay 1€ extra. The basic rate with 1€/30 minutes is still valid. 

If you return the bikes outside the blue or pinke zone, as well as beyond official stations, we charge at least 20€ service fees. To return the bike outside of public places and streets, for instance in private ground or in parks is forbidden as well. Also please always park the bikes in a way, nobody feels hindered. 


For only 10 € per month you can ride 30 mintues on each rental for free.  For longer renalts the basic rate applies. The monthly rate is only valid in Leipzig and is effecitv from the day of booking for 31 days.  Afterwards it extend automatically, but you can terminate monthly. 

You already got a nextbike account? Please register again at the webiste or via nextbike app an choose "Leipzig" as your hometown. Afterwards you can book the monthy rate. Please also note, that you need to log in with your new dates to the app.