As a partner of nextbike in Leipzig the beverage delivery service Durstexpress grants you 30 minutes of free ride with every order. Find the voucher code on your Durstexpress order confirmation.

By the way: Durstexpress is constantly searching for new drivers. Check out their job offers.

LVB – Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe

The Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe are a long-term partner of nextbike in Leipzig. Leipzig mobil-subscribers enjoy 10 hours of free ride per month (calculation takes place in 30 minute intervals). Every additional 30 minutes cost 0,50€. Information on the terms and conditions of the new bike and car-sharing offer of the Leipzig transport companies can be found here.

Carsharing with teilAuto

teilAuto is actively working with nextbike in Leipzig. teilAuto customers have a daily free ride of 30 minutes. nextbike customers pay only 6 € monthly basic price and a security deposit of 50 € instead of 100 €. More information about teilAuto can be found here.

In order to benefit from the advantage of nextbike, simply enter teilAuto as a partner at the registration or in your customer account.

City tour by bike - discover Leipzig with nextbike and lipzi tours!

On quiet streets and green trails, you will pass through the Old Town, through parks and the Gründerzeit quarter of Leipzig. On the way there are short stops and explanations on the most important points. The trained guides know Leipzig really well. The guided bike tour through Leipzig starts every day at 10am between Easter and October and lasts three hours. Price 15 Euro per person incl. Rent a bike for a nextbike. If you already have a nextbike or bike, you only pay 12 Euro!

Of course, groups can reserve their desired route to their desired destination! Starting point and duration according to your wishes. For more information and registration, simply go to lipzi tours. If you are looking for more information about the city of Leipzig, simply go on to the online city portal I Love Leipzig.