Limited return and availability in Leipzig East


Currently we have an acute vandalism problem in Leipzig East. The framelocks get broken open, stickers are being removed and the bikes are illegally cruised around with. We have long hesitated, but in the meantime it has reached such an extent that we have to limit the flexzone at short notice. This means that, for the time being, no more returns are possible in the area marked in red (see map). In the app, this area will no longer be marked as a flexzone as of tomorrow June 10.

We are working on a solution from all sides and have called in the police. Vandalism is a serious criminal offense and not a prank, in this respect please report directly to the police if you make corresponding observations.
If you find a damaged bike, please send us an email with the subject "Leipzig Vandalismus" and with bike number (if possible) and location under the subject Leipzig to

Thank you for your understanding and assistance!