Stormy and sunny times


It can get stormy in the middle of winter. So violent that even the MOBIbikes lose their grip and lie on the ground. In these cases we need your support: Please put the overturned MOBIbikes back down when you walk past them. This helps us a lot to ensure that the MOBIbikes remain usable for everyone for a long time to come. 

Looking ahead to the next months and the hopefully soon coming spring, we would like to announce that we will soon open more new MOBIpoints in Dresden, e.g. at Louisenstraße, Josephinenstraße, Liststraße, Körnerplatz and Postplatz. Just check the nextbike app or regularly. 

We regularly adapt the system. Here are the current innovations with numerous new virtual parking options at a glance: 

  • Neustadt/ Leipziger Vorstadt New: Virtual station "Bahnhof Neustadt (Hansastraße)". 
  • Neustadt/ Outer Neustadt New: Virtual station "Louisengrün” 
  • Leuben New: Establishment of a 2nd drop-off point at the MOBIpunkt Altleuben (Staatsoperette) 
  • Pieschen/ Pieschen-Nord/Trachenberge New: Virtual station "S-Bahnhof Pieschen” 
  • Neustadt/ Outer Neustadt New: Virtual station "Lößnitzstraße” Removal of the return street in the intersection area as well as partly the flex zone 
  • Altstadt/ Friedrichstadt New: Virtual station "BallSport Arena” 
  • Plauen/ Südvorstadt-West New: Virtual station "Schweizer Straße” 
  • Altstadt/ Seevorstadt-East New: Virtual station "Lennéplatz” 
  • Leuben/ Kleinzschachwitz New: Virtual Station "Kleinzschachwitz Freystraße” 
  • Prohlis/ Niedersedlitz New: Virtual station "S-Bahnhof Niedersedlitz” 
  • Loschwitz/ Niederpoyritz Removal of the virtual station "DVB-Ferry Niederpoyritz” 
  • Neustadt/ Inner Neustadt Setting up Wilhelm-Buck-Straße as a return street 
  • Neustadt & Old Town Removal of the return option between the public transport stations "Haus der Presse" and "Bahnhof Neustadt" along Antonstraße, Marienbrücke and Könneritzstraße 
  • Pieschen/ Pieschen-North/Trachenberge Extension of the Rückgabestraße with bicycle parking facilities at Pestalozziplatz 

Have fun cycling! Your MOBI team