Bikesharing in Dresden turns yellow


Dear Dresden Customers,

Bikesharing in Dresden is turning yellow. In August we will start a new bike sharing system together with the Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG (DVB), which will be called MOBIbike and will replace the previous system "sz-bike".

1000 smartbikes of the latest generation will then be available around the clock. The bikes can now be rented at 14 MOBIpoints. They will be supplemented by areas where flexible return is possible.

All sz-bike customers are automatically transferred to the new system. DVB regular customers can enter the partner link in the MOBIbike customer account and then get the first 30 minutes of each ride free of charge. For sz-bike subscribers, the discount ends with the system change on August 17, 2020.


sz-bike becomes MOBIbike

Under the DVB brand MOBI, DVB, in cooperation with local partners, has been continuously expanding its mobility services since 2018, linking rail and bus with bike and car sharing. Everything you need to know about MOBI and MOBIbike, what and where MOBI points are, can be found here:


New bikes and bigger flexzone

The new MOBIbikes have a frame lock that opens automatically when you rent a bike and has to be closed manually each time you return or park it. In addition, the location of each bike is visible in real time in the app or on the website via GPS. Some stations will have bike racks with an integrated lock. For more information on how to use them, please visit

In the pink flex zone shown on the map you can return the bike for an extra charge of 1€. In the streets marked in blue and at the MOBIpoints, the return is free of charge. When you return your bike at MOBIpoints, 10 minutes of travel credit will be added to your account as a thank you.

Tariff changes

In the course of the nationwide introduction of a new tariff system, we will also adjust prices in Dresden. New conditions will apply from 17 August.

All changes at a glance:

Basic rate

The majority of all rentals takes less than 15 minutes. Therefore we adjust the billing cycle. From August 17th onwards, rentals at the basic rate will be charged at 15-minute intervals.

Monthly rate
The previous conditions remain the same. For 10 € / month 30 minutes per rental are included, every additional 30 minutes will cost 1 €. Only the daily rate is now 15 € / 24 h. The 30-minute billing interval remains the same. 

Annual rate
The price for the annual rate is 60 € /year. The first 30 minutes per rental are included, every additional 30 minutes will cost 1 €, the daily rate is 15 € /24 h. The billing in 30-minute intervals remains the same. There is a special right of termination until July 31st, if a running tariff is automatically extended between August 17th and August 31st.

Reduced annual tariff
DVB subscription customers whose accounts already have the part discount activated will continue to cycle at the conditions of the annual tariff. Only the maximum daily rate will change. 

 sz-bike subscribers with activated partner connection have so far also cycled at the conditions of the annual tariff. As our cooperation with SZ is expiring, SZ subscribers will no longer be able to enjoy this discount. From August 17th SZ subscribers will automatically cycle at the basic rate. 

Tariffs that were not named above do not change.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at +49 (0) 341-392 839 66 or