Renting a bike in Berlin? Check out our tips for bike sharing in Berlin


How to rent a bike in Berlin   Trip Tips   Reasons for Bike Sharing 


If you are looking for an easy and effective way to get around the city, go to work, college, meet your friends or just to have some fun, you can count on Bike Sharing.


Either way, even if you’re in the city for only a few days or hosting people who want to explore Berlin, cycling is the best way to explore, to live and to feel the vibe of the city. Our bike rental guide will show you how to do so in 4 steps, as well as will give you some tips to make your journey easier and more enjoyable.

How to rent your bike in Berlin:

  1. First step for renting a bike is to download the Deezer Nextbike app (Android/iOS) and register. It's lightweight and easy to use.
  2. After the registration you can search the map in the app for the Nextbike. The more central you are in Berlin, the more bikes you will see on the map near you. Just grab the Nextbike and enjoy the ride.
  3. Need a pit stop for an ice cream, coffee, a sightseeing point or just met some friend along the way? You can park your bike, we don´t want you to lose this moment.
  4. So your journey is coming to an end by now and you want to return the bike? Make sure on the map in the app that you are in the right place (only at official stations or within the flexzone the return is allowed). Now you can easily stop the rental by clicking "OK" on your BikeComputer and closing the fork lock.

Useful Trip Tips:

  • Always check the seat height before cycling around and travel safely!
  • Respect the traffic laws. Do not cycle in the wrong lane, respect the traffic lights and the pedestrians.
  • Do not unlock the bike from afar but only when you're right in front of it.
  • Always lock the bike to officially finish your rental.

Still not sure if renting a bike is what you need for the moment? So have a look at some reasons on why you should do so:

  1. No traffic. This mean of transportation allows you to escape from traffic jams and therefore reduces the travel time.
  2. You can reach short distances easier. No traffic jam and no wasted time on finding a parking space. For long distances, it is always possible to combine bike rental with public transportation.
  3. It's cheaper. The cost of buying and maintaining a bicycle is around 30 times lower than owning an average car. In Berlin you can rent a bike for 1 € per 30 Minutes.
  4. It's more sustainable. Besides having zero emission, bikes also occupy less space in the city and still foster the sharing economy.
  5. Last but not least: get healthier! The benefits of using a bicycle are already well known. It works on lower limbs, enhance cardiac and respiratory capacity, helping to reduce weight and cholesterol, among many other benefits.


To summarize, either you need to rent a bike for commuting or exploring Berlin: Find your Nextbike, unlock it, cycle around, then just park and lock it again so that other people can enjoy it out there as well.

We appreciate the role of cycling in making cities more sustainable, improving health, reducing traffic and contributing to people's leisure. And cycling is fun too. If you would like more information on rental and return, prices or locations, check out Deezer nextbike.

Get the nextbike App

Get the nextbike App

Get the nextbike App