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Public Bike Sharing


nextbike bikes are available around the clock at our many rental stations. You can rent our bikes easily through an app, at the terminals or simply by calling the hotline number. Once registered, renting bikes can be done in every participating city and country. We provide bike sharing systems in more than 30 German cities and 14 countries worldwide. This way, you don't need to register a new account each time you find yourself in a new city.

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HOTLINE: +49 30 69 20 50 46

How it works

1. Registration

Registrierung Before you can rent a bike, you need to register with your personal data (name, address, mobile phone number). For all your future rentals, our system will identify you with your phone number.

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2. Rent a bike

Rad ausleihen To rent a bike, just call the hotline number, use the app or terminal. You will need the bike number, which you can find on the bike frame. After entering the bike number you will get the code to open the combination lock.

3. Return

Rückgabe The bikes have to be returned at our nextbike stations. Secure one wheel with the lock and verify the return by calling the hotline, using the app or terminal.

nextbike – public bike sharing

nextbike operates in: Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Dubai (UAE), Germany, Hungary, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey and UK.

nextbike GmbH, Thomasiusstr. 16, 04109 Leipzig, Germany
Hotline: +493069205046, Office: +49 (0)341 3089889 0 info@nextbike.net, www.nextbike.net
Managing director: Ralf Kalupner, Court: Amtsgericht Leipzig, HRB21178