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Welcome to nextbike Germany

nextbike is a public bike sharing system. You can find our bicycles in more than 30 German cities and in 14 countries.

  • Our bikes are available 24/7, starting from 1€/30min.
  • Rent a bike at one station and return it at another official location.
  • You can rent our bikes easily via our app, at the terminals or simply by calling the hotline number.
  • Rent up to four bikes at the same time.
  • Once registered, you can use our bikes in all nextbike cities and countries.

If you are looking for background information regarding our bike sharing system, advertising solutions, etc., please visit our business website.


Business partners

Visit our B2B site to discover information about advertising, BusinessBike and all the other nextbike products.

nextbike – public bike sharing

nextbike operates in: Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Dubai (UAE), Germany, Hungary, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey and UK.

nextbike GmbH | Thomasiusstraße 16 | 04109 Leipzig, Germany
Hotline: +49 30 / 69 20 50 46, Office: +49 3 41 / 30 89 88 90 info@nextbike.net, www.nextbike.net
Managing director: Ralf Kalupner | Court: Amtsgericht Leipzig | HRB 21178